About Orazio’s


Come and indulge yourself at Orazio’s Gourmet Oils and Vinegars, located in the heart of Wolfeboro, NH, steps from the shore of beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee.

We invite you to a unique tasting experience. At Orazio’s, you can sample many varieties of extra virgin and infused olive oils, as well as aged balsamic vinegars. A fresh olive oil is the best olive oil, and we pride ourselves on our direct access to the freshest available. Visit us and taste the difference!

Orazio’s “taproom” features Artisan Olive Oils & Vinegars, an established purveyor of authentic extra virgin olive oils from around the world and aged balsamic vinegars from Modena, Italy.  Artisan Olive Oils & Vinegars can also be sampled on site.

How we came to be Orazio’s

Our store’s namesake, Orazio Correale, captured by the local paper in East Boston taking a catnap during a summer heatwave

Saverino Correale, Jr., our founder, is the grandson of Orazio Correale. Saverino has always dreamed of opening a business in his grandfather’s name to honor Orazio’s heritage and his impeccable tastes for favorites from the homeland. Orazio was born in 1898 in Montuori, Italy, an area near the Amalfi Coast renowned for its abundance of olive groves. He was the son of Vincenzo and Philomena Correale, both of whom worked in the olive groves and grape vineyards near their home. Some of their descendants still reside in the Amalfi Coast area today.

Young Orazio left behind the olive groves and vineyards of Italy, coming to this country with his parents and six siblings at the age of 14. The Correale Family settled in East Boston where Orazio nourished his love of the earth and learned the art of crushing grapes and pressing olives. “Pa,” as he was affectionately called by his many grandchildren, loved the hours spent in his basement making wine and olive oil. “Pa” worked as a peddler for 50 years selling fruit out of the back of his truck, making the rounds of Boston’s Italian neighborhoods often with his young grandchildren in tow.  He also operated a small neighborhood Italian market.

Saverino, who was nick-named Sandy as a child, has enjoyed a distinguished career in food service as a chef and nationwide corporate dining accounts manager. He also  served in the Marine Corps.  He is joined in this business by his wife Kathy, a career newspaper reporter and editor.

Now residents of New Hampshire, Sandy and Kathy are pleased to continue the old-world traditions in food led by Sandy’s great-grandparents, and the market experience of his grandfather Orazio.

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