About Organic Olive Oils

The United States Government makes no comment and takes no position regarding the relative benefits or harm that organic products may possess. The official U.S. government position is that the primary purpose of Organic Certification is its use a marketing tool by producers and sellers.

Traditional cultivation methods remain the same for growers because olive trees, by their nature, are dry cultivated without artificial fertilizers and amendments. Without irrigation modern chemically enhanced cultivation practices cannot be used. Most small farmers and producers can not afford to pay for organic certification and at the same time produce high quality olive oil.

To offset the cost, fruit may be left to ripen past its peak in order to increase yield, but this practice does not produce the best tasting or most nutritionally beneficial oil.

It is certainly possible and indeed desirable to produce certified organic olive oil that is at once high quality and reasonably priced, but marketing agencies are of the opinion that consumers of organic olive oil choose organic for considerations other than taste so most producers are not under the same pressure they might otherwise be in a more epicurean or taste driven market.

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